About us

Fairly Casual is a clothing company based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, but to us, Fairly Casual is much more than just the name of our company, it represents a lifestyle. We coined the term Fairly Casual to describe our crew and the way we lived. In almost anything we were doing, whether it was skiing, golfing, hanging out on a boat, playing music together, or just drinking Mountain Dew's on the weekend, the name fit the lifestyle. But it's a fine line, it doesn't mean sit on your couch all day. It means get out there and do what you love, no matter what it might be, with a positive and laid back attitude. Now we'd like to bring people together, from all walks of life, by sharing our products, that will express your way of life. Thanks for visiting our page! We hope you like what we have to offer!




5 Star Review  Long Sleeve Hooded T 
"Before I ordered the Fairly Casual Long Sleeve Hooded T, I was living on the outskirts of Des Moines, Iowa, panhandling for money and working part-time at a local I-Hop. 

Ever since I ordered the Long Sleeve Hooded T, my life has really taken a turn for the better! I've got a stable job (with health insurance), my own apartment, and even some new friends (but no girlfriend yet).

Thanks Fairly Casual!"     -Jake C.

5 Star Review  The Classic
"The classic lives up to the name. Simple and clean design! Great fit! Very clean and timeless look. Goes well with anything and likes to have a good time!!"     -Ryan

5 Star Review  Logo T
"Chicks dig it"     -Craig K.

5 Star Review  Logo T
"Shirt is dank, comfortable and a perfect fit. Fast Shipping."     -George H.

5 Star Review  Mammoth
"Arrived in several days, packaged well. Top grade material. Some bonus goodies too!"    -Kierian P.