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Sneak Peak

November 19, 2016

Coming very soon!

 I'm very excited to announce the next big thing that we have been working on for the last few months. We've always done our research to bring you great quality hats that you'll love but now we're going above and beyond that to offer what we believe the hat industry has been missing. We're bringing you TWO sizes of snap-back hats because we'd like everyone to be able to wear our hats and 'one size fits most' just wasn't cutting it for us. We can't account for the extreme outliers on this but we hope to do our best so that the hat you get is the right fit for you. There's no more wearing your snap-back on the last snap or over closed with a tail hanging out.

We believe this will bring the best fit for you so you can wear your new favorite Fairly Casual hat with the most comfort and best look possible. Along with the outside look we've also been doing some upgrading of the inside of our hats to give them that extra attention to detail that they deserve. 

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