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New Stickers For Sale

October 16, 2016

**Reminder that there is free shipping on all stickers!**

We now have some rectangular logo stickers for you to sticker slap in all the places where you're not suppose to! They start at $1! They get cheaper as you order more so if you have some places in mind don't hesitate to order a few. You can find them here:

We would also like to introduce you to our new friend, Rippin' Rodney. He's here for the journey with us and is featured on this first sticker drawn up by our friend Evan Murphy ( He first appears as a canoe paddler. This sticker is designed so that you can get creative and find a cool spot to make him look like he is riding whatever you place him on. We thought this would be a fun idea for you to have him ride along on some of your other stickers. Send us some photos if you find a good spot for him. You can find him here:

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