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We've Just Added Some Great New Hats To The Website

March 03, 2016

We've have just added a couple of higher end hats to the list of products. They're considered higher end because they are worth it! These are some very well fitting hats and they will be super comfortable to wear all day.

The MAMMOTH (pictured left) is an old style that sold out very fast and is now back in stock. It features a simple grey and black look with the Fairly Casual text logo 3D embroidered on the front. The CHORD (pictured right) is a new addition to the lineup and is looking to be one of our favorites. Looking at this hat online simply does not do it justice. It's the texture of the fabrics used that make this a great looking hat, with a light brown corduroy body and a darker brown suede bill and matching suede embroidered patch, the combo make it a very smooth hat.

Head on over to our Hat Collection to check them out for yourself!

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