July 07, 2020

We’re back as of now, unofficially. Here to have some fun and potentially take over the world. If a book shop can do it I don’t see why a clothing store can’t. We’ll offer 1/2 day shipping in 20 years. Just be patient. Also, New gear coming very soon.

Anywho, I figured I would start posting random thoughts up on the internet to be permanently judged by the world. Should be smooth sailing, no problems here, good times had by all. 

I doubt that anyone checks this blog but here’s a question to start things off: Would you rather stub your toe every morning when you get out of bed or burn your tongue on your coffee every morning? Comment below and maybe I’ll send you a hat or something. 
Also, any random comments or suggestions are welcome unless I don’t like them. This is a dictatorship. 

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